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How a Vegan TV Show is Helping Bring Peace To The World

When Nafsika Antypas, Founder of People Against Violence Org, created the new concept for a vegan lifestyle show back in 2015, the idea was to spread more peace and compassion around the world.

Antypas launch cover for "Plant-Based By Nafsika"

So, Antypas decided to create the show, Plant-Based By Nafsika, and became the Host and Executive Producer of the world's first vegan lifestyle TV series, focusing on a plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle.

"If everyone went vegan, the world would be a much more peaceful and compassionate place," stresses Antypas, "The philosophy around veganism is based on peace and equality for all beings. When you're vegan, you're a better person. And, this is what the world so desperately needs."

Plant-Based By Nafsika began airing in the Summer of 2016 on the A&E Network (FYI channel) to 70 million households across America. This has not only sparked the interest of viewers around the globe but has "planted seeds" helping veganism become more mainstream, a goal Nafsika conveys in her motto, "If You Plant It, It Will Grow."

 Antypas about to try Chef Hadara Slok's delicious vegan chocolate (no bake) mount bars.

Antypas has appeared on numerous television and radio shows across the globe, and has contributed her writing as well as been interviewed by online publications such as PETA, VegNews, EmpowHER, Insider, Health Digest and more.


 Yoga segment with yogi, Kelcie Mahr

In 2017, Nafsika became a certified Health & Lifestyle Coach, helping people lead a healthier, more compassionate lifestyle. Because, as Antypas attests, "You can't be a compassionate person if you're not living a compassionate lifestyle." If you would to take advantage of her free "Discovery' session, click here.

Antypas is now getting ready to shoot another Season and as she says, "It's going to be better than ever!" You can subscribe to her site to stay informed about future air dates and also access all of her recipes and lifestyle tips for free. Upon subscribing, you will also instantly receive a free e-book about how you can naturally double your energy today. Click here to visit her site now.

If you are not subscribed to the A&E Network on cable, you can now catch all the episodes for free on the DSTV Network. Click here to subscribe to the Plant-Based By Nafsika channel.

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