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Speaking Up

By Survivor's Voice

This is my first blog I’ve ever done for anyone to read at least I’ve wanted to before but it just wasn’t the right time, until now.

A few months ago for the first time told the truth of my life and what happened to me from age 17 to where I am today which is 28. I went to the police and I told it all, I thought I was going to feel better after I did then to my surprise I felt worse I felt extremely horrible but it wasn’t much difference to what I had already been feeling except for the fact that now I had to face the fact that it really happen I had to face my feelings and my fears of what I’ve been trying to pretend never happen.

I came to find it was all part of the healing process. As we speak the police are finishing up doing their investigation of my past sexual assaults and violence. Very soon it will be in the hands of the crown to decide on what charges will be layed, and that is a day I have been patiently and nervously waiting for, as is everyone within the same situation. This isn’t the first time I found myself in front of the police because of this man but this is going to be last because Justice will prevail.

With my blog I will share with you my experience my healing and my Justice.

As well stopping the silence on violence and anything and everything that I personally feel is important on these issues.

I hope to one day be a voice for those who no longer can speak for those who are still afraid to and for those who will need to, and really those are the same reasons that I already spoke up.

I thought to myself how am I sitting here fighting for women to speak up against violence if I haven’t totally, what would I do if it was my daughter, I wanted to be an example a good example. So I just found that strength that I had got years ago to leave and I pulled it out of me and it was one the most scary moments to make that call.

You’ve given him the benefit of the doubt long enough now it’s time to give yourself the benefit of the truth ~

Enough is enough I’m saying no more.

Thanks for reading

Have a beautiful day

Namaste ~:)

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