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By Tricia Maria

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; suddenly you’re doing the impossible. - Francis of Assisi

I have found that though I am a certified cynic, albeit a harbinger of happiness, a person who claims to have seen many things, I am still amazed by the goodness I witness in humanity every once in a blue moon. Thank goodness for those moments, they keep me grounded in possibilities, otherwise I’d float up in an unimpressed hovel. You’re wondering why I’ve taken to the blogosphere to share a minute with you of this found profoundness? Let me share away then:

For the International Day of Pink, a day founded to raise awareness for homophobia, and transphobia, Officer Watson dyed his hair pink. If his post is shared a certain number of times, then well of course the hair stays pink. I am a sucker for this expression of solidarity, yes I am liking this pink label. You can read more about that here.

If you’re not in the know, The International Day of Pink was started by two straight Canadian high school students who like Officer Watson wanted to support for a gay classmate who was being bullied for his pink shirt. While you may read this and think Tricia, this topic has been written about over and over again, you’re too late to jump on the wagon. For those who belong to those thoughts, thank you, I appreciate them. And in response I’ll posit this, despite the voice we’re giving to raising awareness against LGBT discrimination, things like the death of Leelah Alcorn still happens, and it needs to stop. So yes I am writing about this.

Discrimination leads to violence, whether it’s done by a third party or self-induced. It needs to stop.

I am beyond thankful that a man such as Officer Watson has decided to add his voice. Having myself been a victim of bullying, I understand that it’s damn infuriating to be on the outside saying something, while no one listens, or feeling as if you have to keep these things hidden because it meant you were weak. It isn’t true, there isn’t power behind the words those bullies say, but their punches still hurt, and no matter how many times you brush past their scorn it still sometimes finds a way to sink into your heart. I know it does.

Let me tell you, violence against the LGBT community is beyond large, yes you might not hear about it, doesn’t mean you’re not coexisting with it (duh). So, when someone takes a package of pink dye and says, I’d like to make a change…I’m all for it. My only question is this: do we have the courage to do this not only on an International Day of Pink, but every day? I honestly do believe we do.

Humanity, (ahem that’s you)…you have the power, you’ve always had the power to make changes. To stop violence. And as Officer Watson has proven it starts with one crazy cooky act to show support and then social norms are challenged.

This is the third article in a series of articles written for People Against Violence Org.

Check out their Twitters (@pc8430 and @RyanCP23) ; give these guys a follow and a few shares.

Thank You and Good Afternoon.

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