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For over 4 years, People Against Violence Organization (PAV) has provided free, compassionate and victim centered counseling and appropriate referral services to survivors  of domestic violence worldwide.


Domestic violence is a hate crime of power and control. As a comprehensive well informed organization PAV effort is invested in accepting, empowering and illuminating hope for all survivors. This holistic approach has built vibrant collaborative relationships and nuture healing for many especially women struggling overwhelmingly with shame, blame and guilt and fear "no one will believe my story, my lived experience." PAV work in collaboration with safety, shelter, crisis hotline and unique community resources that will best meet survivor's needs. 


Your commitment, financially and morally to our organization will continue to illuminate hope and relief for many DV survivors. With a rise in need, PAV must continue to empower victims, foster empathy, equality and cruelty free resolutions. 

PAV in many ways has highlighted the need for a world free of violence, power and control.  Your financial support will eliminate these cracks and barriers mounting tension, fear and uncertainty! Survivors lived experiences and uncertainty is REAL. Please, HELP PAV bring to light a realistic approached to compassion, hope and violence-free lifestyle.

With cheerful donors, sponsors and highly trained staff on board, survivors will get the help they need. HOPE is when your contributions and a team of experts ensure service continuity to a vulnerable population at home and abroad. 

Thank you for your support.

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